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Hayward, Wisconsin Supper Club

About Tally Ho Supper Club
The must-stop Supper Club in Hayward and Northwoods, Wisconsin.

With a proud family tradition of serving the community, we strive to be the best restaurant in the greater Hayward area and Northwoods, Wisconsin. Our food is fresh, our menu scrumptious, and we treat our customers like members of our own family.

Open all-year-round, we cater for private parties and functions as well as curbside collection. You can check out our mouth-watering meal options online now.

Tally Ho Supper Club is a family business specializing in welcoming and serving families and ensuring they have the best dining experience, whatever the occasion. Special annual events we mark with our famous five-course meals while also helping your family or association put on a special event. We've just refurbished our restaurant for the upcoming summer season and look forward to welcoming you.

Family Occasions, Annual Holidays, Seasonal Visits

You can book our restaurants for your family occasions or join us in our holiday celebrations. Whether itís Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, we have a family-friendly menu with lots of different choices. As delivering only the finest food is our top priority, we use only the freshest ingredients.

In winter, we welcome snowsport enthusiasts with our 11-3 lunch service as well as our 5-8 dinner option. During the summer, we are open Tuesday-Saturday from 5-9 for a full-menu take-away service.

If you are organising a special event, be sure to get in touch and we will tailor our menu to your requirements when organizing a private party for you.

Please call before entering our restaurant. In full compliance with CDC advice, we wear masks, and our premises allow for adequate social distancing. Hand-sanitisers are available, and our staff ensure that our customers are safe while still able to enjoy a fine dining experience. Thanks to our stringent cleaning routine and socially distanced setup, you can be sure that you are safe within our premises.

Check Out Our Menu - Give Us a Call!

Why wait? Check out our menu right here and book now. If you live in our locality, do check us out, and if you are visiting the area, come see why everybody calls us the must-stop Supper Club in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Bring the whole family, celebrate and enjoy an unforgettable fine dining experience. And if you have any special requests, we will be glad to meet them too!

Call us at (715) 462-3646
Posted by Tally Ho Hayward, Wisconsin on Wednesday, April 21, 2021